"Take A Seat"

"Take A Seat" is a follow-up installation in response to Simon Leung's lecture "To Squat a Country, to Find the Next Bed." The goal is to minimize the stigma surrounding the racialized squatting body. The phrase "Take A Seat" invites passerby to squat when in need of a rest. By squatting, people can have the experience of making their own chairs with their bodies.

The Squatting Fellow

The Squatting Fellow refers to the sculpture made out of wires, paper, tape dressed in shoes and a t-shirt. This fellow squats as a demonstration for those unfamiliar with this squatting position. 


Don't Mind Me, Just Move Along

"Don't Mind Me, Just Move Along" is a series of posters made of ink on paper. They depict figures in a squatting position in two angles. In the side angle, the identity of the figure is obscured, while the frontal angle reveals the figure's gender, age, and ethnicity. This series also serve to demonstrate the squatting position and which people commonly do it. Given the commonality of this choice of rest among the working class, the title is meant to impose a sense of normality on the squatting body. People are just resting. It is not a spectacle, so move along.